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Butterflies Make your own beeswax wrap kit

Butterflies Make your own beeswax wrap kit

Tired of wasting money on cling film and adding plastic to the landfill? Make your own beeswax wraps for a reusable cling film.


The perfect set for giving it a go, or giving a lovely gift to the crafters in your life.  Quick and easy, this kit is the perfect way to make your kitchen more eco-conscious.


The set includes

-Two sheets of 100% cotton fabric

-one rectangle sheet of fabric, perfect for wrapping cheese, sandwiches, covering dishes, etc.

-one circle sheet of fabric perfect for covering a dinner plate, or serving bowl.

-2 wax mix moulds, one for each sheet of fabric.

-1 paintbrush for ensuring saturation of the fabric with the beeswax mix.



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