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Union Jack Make your own Beeswax Wrap kit

Union Jack Make your own Beeswax Wrap kit

Make your own beeswax wraps at home!

Fun and easy to do, these are the perfect for the crafter and the curious in your life.

The kit contains two pieces of 100% cotton fabric. One is a large circle that measures 12” / 29cm around that is perfect for covering mixing bowls, serving bowls, dinner plates, a sandwich, fresh produce, etc etc

The other is a large rectangle that measures 10” x 12” / 26cm by 29cm. This is perfect for small plates, bowls, dishes, produce, fresh flowers, sandwiches, making into snack pouches, etc etc

It also contains 2 beeswax mixture blocks, perfectly measured to saturate the fabric included. It also has a small paintbrush and detailed instructions for making the wraps at home.

These are the perfect gift for anyone looking to be more eco-conscious and that also loves a craft. Fun, easy to do and makes you feel good!

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