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Turning the Tide


homes we have helped ditch cling film


single use plastic free

0 sqm

cling film prevented from going into the ocean or landfill

Mennell, Owner Welch Bakes

“Working with Kim couldn't be easier. First, we have a great handmade product that improves the life and freshness of our sourdough! Her attention to detail to bring our brand to life was amazing and didn't disappoint with the branded sleeve that just finished the wrap off!”


“The beeswax wraps are amazing. I have used them on bread and cheese and it keeps it so fresh for so much longer. I also feel like I'm doing my part in reducing the use of cling film and plastics which are destroying the world. Great product I would highly recommend.”

Kim R

“Fauna Green Living’s Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to clingfilm, we use ours constantly. They’re brilliant quality, love the patterns and they last a really long time”


Choose the appropriate size 📏

Select the right-sized beeswax wrap to suit your needs. Make sure it's clean and dry. If it's been in the fridge, allow it to warm up a bit before use.

Wrap with your hands 🖐

Place the wrap around your food and, using the natural warmth of your hands, gently seal the edges.

Chill in the fridge 🥶

Your wrapped food is now ready to be placed in the refrigerator for storage.