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Make Our Planet Clean Again

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Make your home beautiful and sustainable


At Fauna Green Living, we envisage ourselves helping each and every individual do what they can to bring sustainability and responsibility back into our purchasing habits. We are here to provide sustainable ways to make your home beautiful

How do we do it?

All of our products are handmade in Cambridgeshire, UK

We use local, recycled, or compostable products, wherever possible

We are always looking for the most sustainable ways of producing everyday products

Our Story

We opened our doors in August of 2022 because we wanted to make your homes, your lives, and our planet a better place.
We all want our homes to be our place of rest, relaxation, and sanctuary, and we all want our planet to be clean, healthy, and free of plastic pollution.
We're here to bridge that gap - we're committed to making your home a more beautiful place, and committed to not using single use plastic. Let's do this together.

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Hi, I'm Kim!

Founder of Fauna Green Living

Turning the Tide


homes we have helped ditch cling film


single use plastic free

0 sqm

cling film prevented from going into the ocean or landfill

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Why Bamboo?

  • - Naturally anti-microbial

  • - Pesticides free

  • - 60% more absorbent than cotton

  • - Dries 40% faster than cotton

  • - Uses 1/200th of water than cotton

  • - Does not require the use of pesticides