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Butterflies Make your own beeswax wrap kit: DIY kit for creating your own beeswax wraps with a butterflies design. Sustainable and eco-friendly food storage.

Butterflies Make your own Beeswax Wrap kit


The set includes

- Two sheets of 100% cotton fabric

- One rectangle sheet of fabric, perfect for wrapping cheese, sandwiches, covering dishes, etc.

- One circle sheet of fabric perfect for covering a dinner plate, or serving bowl.

- 2 wax mix moulds, one for each sheet of fabric.

- 1 paintbrush for ensuring saturation of the fabric with the beeswax mix.

- Directions.


About this product

Tired of wasting money on cling film and adding plastic to the landfill? Make your own beeswax wraps for a reusable cling film.

The perfect set for giving it a go, or giving a lovely gift to the crafters in your life.  Quick and easy, this kit is the perfect way to make your kitchen more eco-conscious



Crafted with care, our blend combines natural ingredients including:

- Pure beeswax

- Food-grade pine resin

- Nourishing jojoba oil

This unique combination not only ensures the longevity and effectiveness of your wraps but also adds a touch of natural freshness to your food storage routine.

How to use our wraps