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Happy Bees, extra large beeswax wrap: Extra-large beeswax food wrap with a happy bees design for zero waste and eco-friendly food storage.

Happy Bees Extra Large Beeswax Wrap



About this product

These are an amazing alternative to cling film that help you reduce your single-use plastic consumption and save money in the long run. The heat of your hands does the work to have the beeswax wrap stick to itself and therefore easily wrap up whatever you might need and keep it fresh.



- Contains one Extra large rectangle

- 12.5” x 15” / 31cm x 38cm


With these wraps you can

- Wrap dry or damp food (e.g. cheese, half an avocado, half a lemon, sandwich, and many more!)

- Cover bowls, jars, plates

- Wrap sandwiches or other things for lunches and picnics. They are easily transportable and come with beeswax-covered string for extra security

- Re-use again and again!

- Leave out, put in fridge, freeze

- Fully biodegradable and home compostable

- Beeswax is naturally antimicrobial


Made with

- Beeswax from Bedfordshire

- Food grade pine resin (it has no smell)

- Jojoba oil, a food-safe oil which makes the wrap supple and will not go rancid like olive oil can

- Handmade in Cambridgeshire



- Wipe with damp cloth

- Do not launder

- Not suitable for oven or microwave

How to use our wraps